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Do you care about education in Ontario?

Ontario Teachers Network is an important new resource for everyone in Ontario who cares about our public education system.  What issues are you most concerned about?  This is the site where others can learn about them.  We want to hear YOUR suggestions for important News & Information items that can be posted here for raising awareness and generating conversation.  Teachers, parents, students & others — send in your suggestions now!  Click here to find out how.

Teachers . . . join the conversation !

Ontario Teachers Network is a meeting place for teachers, where they can raise awareness of issues that matter to them, to parents, and to students — and where teachers can publish their views on these issues, and network with their colleagues.

All teachers who are registered members of the Ontario College of Teachers can register with OTN.  Teacher registration will provide OTN Members with:

  • email alerts of breaking news featured on OTN.
  • opportunity for log-on submission of anonymous Comments (identified only by username) for posting in response to News & Information items featured on OTN.
  • opportunity to submit Comments on subjects of their choice within the Members Forum.
  • email alerts for responses to a Member's comment postings submitted by other registered Members.
  • a platform for online discussion and formation of discussion groups in the Members' Forum.
  • opportunity to initiate offline networking with other registered Members—identified by usernames—through one-on-one anonymous email connection facilitated through the OTN registration database, where registered Members may agree—by mutual consent—to reveal their identities to each other. 
  • opportunity for log-on participation in online teacher surveys.

OTN guarantees that registered Members remain completely anonymous if they wish.


In no event shall OTN reveal the identity of a registered Member to any third party, nor shall OTN pass on personal data (name, email address) for a registered Member to any third party, neither for advertising, marketing nor for any other purposes (see Privacy Policy). 


Logged-in Members may submit Comments in response to News & Information articles, and may also submit Commets on subjects of their choice within the Members Forum.  All posted Comments can be viewed by guests on the website, but Member authors are identified only by username — unless they choose to reveal their identity within the Comment (see Instructions for submitting comments).


Unless Members forfeit their anonymity, Logged-in Members also remain anonymous to each other and are identified to each other only by username, teacher status (active, on leave, retired, seeking), job title—current, most recent or seeking (classroom teacher, occasional teacher, administrator), and domain of teaching experience—current, most recent or seeking (elementary, high school). (see Privacy Policy).


In the Member's Forum, logged-in Members may initiate and participate in General Discussion groups with each other that can be viewed only by logged-in Members.



OTN Mission Statement

Ontario Teachers Network© (OTN) is a non-profit organization of Ontario teachers — independently * operated by teachers, for teachers, and for all others who care about education in Ontario — dedicated to serving the best interests of the teaching profession and its educational goals by:

(1) raising awareness of issues that affect the working conditions of teachers and the learning environment of their students in Ontario and beyond;

(2) providing an open forum for teachers to respond to these issues, express their views, and share their experiences anonymously — through comment posts and online teacher surveys.

(3) generating conversation and contact opportunities for teachers to network—both on-line and off-line—with other colleagues who share similar interests, experiences, and concerns.   

(4) presenting a public monitor — through published survey reports and teacher commentary — for comparing the consistency and effectiveness of learning environments, as well as administrative and workplace practices across schools and education districts.  

(5) giving all teachers a voice by building a central and visible record of what they care about — providing a vehicle for initiating productive liaison between teachers, parents’ groups, and duly elected trustees, and permitting frontline teachers to have a meaningful impact in the development and revision of policy affecting the education system in Ontario.


* OTN does not necessarily represent the policies of ETFO, OSSTF/FEESO, OECTA, OPC, CPCO, OPSBA, OCT, or Ontario Ministry of Education.  The views expressed in comments posted on this site are the views of the individual authors of these posts, and do not necessarily represent the views of OTN.



What news or information would you like to see posted for discussion on OTN? Anyone can send in suggestions. SEND IN YOUR SUGGESTIONS NOW !

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