Ontario Teachers Network© (OTN) is a non-profit organization of Ontario teachers — independently * operated by teachers, for teachers, and for all others who care about education in Ontario — dedicated to serving the best interests of the teaching profession and its educational goals by:

(1) raising awareness of issues that affect the working conditions of teachers and the learning environment of their students in Ontario and beyond;

(2) providing an open forum for teachers to respond to these issues, express their views, and share their experiences anonymously — through comment posts and online teacher surveys.

(3) generating conversation and contact opportunities for teachers to network—both on-line and off-line—with other colleagues who share similar interests, experiences, and concerns.   

(4) presenting a public monitor — through published survey reports and teacher commentary — for comparing the consistency and effectiveness of learning environments, as well as administrative and workplace practices across schools and education districts.  

(5) giving all teachers a voice by building a central and visible record of what they care about — providing a vehicle for initiating productive liaison between teachers, parents’ groups, and duly elected trustees, and permitting frontline teachers to have a meaningful impact in the development and revision of policy affecting the education system in Ontario.


* OTN does not necessarily represent the policies of ETFO, OSSTF/FEESO, OECTA, OPC, CPCO, OPSBA, OCT, or Ontario Ministry of Education.  The views expressed in comments posted on this site are the views of the individual authors of these posts, and do not necessarily represent the views of OTN.



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