A news release from the Ontario Secondary Schools Teachers' Federation has been sent out early Monday morning [November 12, 2012] stating that talks between the federation and the government have not ended well.

According to Union president Ken Coran, the two sides could not come up with an agreement, and there will be job action by 20 school boards in Ontario, the Toronto District school board is included in that. The selective strike action means teachers will start refusing to fill in for absent colleagues or supervise students outside of class, refusing to supervise extra-curricular activities, refusing to speak to parents outside of school hours and boycott staff meetings.

This came after the talking period between the two sides was extended in hopes of coming to an agreement.

Posted: 5 years, 3 months ago by otn-admin #76
Amanda F ‏@a4dd4a
@OTNetwork This article says we're refusing to supervise extra-curricular, which isn't true and is highly inflammatory.

Just received your tweet and we are posting it here. Thanks

The media just loves to put on their own spin even if it is not true! Thanks for the reality check.

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