Roger Curtis of Inverary, Ontario writes:

“I've been spending the last few months – no, years - wondering why so many people hate teachers' unions. Do these same people hate other unions as much? If it was called a professional association, would it escape their wrath? But it bears asking, who are these people, anyway? And should I take them seriously? Am I to believe that if I wait long enough, the same authors will get around to say, their feelings for the incomes of the 1%? I doubt it.

Now we could take these people for their word that they are truly concerned about kids, but I'm inclined to believe otherwise as I don't see letters to the editor when kids are sweltering through June heat or are asked to be ready for final exams two days after their last class.

Are these same fine folk particularly religious, church-going people? I doubt that, too. For if they were they'd know that they are guilty of envy, avarice and I'd say anger as well along with a number of the other seven deadly sins. Perhaps these people are guilty of just being plain miserable and simply want company.

I recall the minister at my church reminding his flock that it would be silly to wish ourselves “down” to the level of the poorest of poor. No, he said, what we should wish and work for is the raising of the less fortunate to a level of comfort that we enjoy. Perhaps this sounded too much like communism for the likes of the Church Elders, as they tossed him out some weeks later. I sure hope he was a member of a union.

So, should not the wish of those who are so eager to tell the world that they don't have sick days, or “only” get two weeks off a year, be working to raise the level of compensation and the like for themselves and others?

Better yet, I find myself also wondering, why are you staying in a job that you aren't happy with? Go back to school. Oh sure, you might just meet a lousy teacher or two, but I've had some lousy friends in my time, some terrible co-workers, some terrible neighbours, some terrible doctors, some terrible professors, and some even worse employers. Mediocrity or worse, I’d offer, is just part and parcel of the human condition. What surprises me the most is just how much others wish that condition on others. For shame.

Anyways, I'd like to make these teachers and their union-bashers a deal. Assume for a moment that I'm a teacher: I'll work for 33% less income and benefits if, in return, you agree to use the services wrought by the educated a reduction equivalent to the same amount. But wait, wouldn't that just drag me down to a level akin to the teacher-haters? That would be a sin.”

Posted: 5 years, 3 months ago by YinYang #83
For Broten, Bill 115 is her career defining trophy and for her, this ‘battle’ with the teachers is no longer about what is good for Ontario education or for the fiscal well-being of the province. ‘Winning’ is now about saving her political hide. Otherwise, we would see some compromise on her part about Bill 115 – some give and take. But this is not what we are seeing at all. Truly, it is her way or the highway. She is like a dictator imposing martial law. Her commentary in the media also perpetuates and escalates fear-mongering, which suits her purposes if the public is so mindless to believe her.
Posted: 5 years, 3 months ago by Chameleon #82
Chantal Mancini's tweet(OSSTF Hamilton)to Broten is bang on that the OLP's agenda is about union busting.
Posted: 5 years, 3 months ago by YinYang #81
The trolls who post the vitriolic union bashing commentary that invariably follow online newspaper articles must be employed by Broten to escalate public hatred to validate enacting her “god clause” in Bill 115.

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