Below is the script for two RADIO ADS from OSSTF Teachers and Support Staff:


-So did you hear that the Ontario Liberals are going to take away almost all our School Board’s power?

 - What? Well that’s crazy!

 -Yeah. Our schools will have to do what the government tells them to do and won’t have any flexibility to meet our community’s needs.

 -Wait! But I thought the teachers and support staff offered to take a wage freeze and work with the local school boards to avoid this.

 -Oh they did, but the government turned them down.

 -Now that’s just wrong.”


-I like to be involved in my kid’s school. That’s why I can’t understand why the Liberal government is going to stop us from making almost any local decisions. Out school board will have to do what the government tells us to do and won’t be able to adjust for what our kids need.

-The teachers and support staff offered to take a wage freeze and work with local school boards to avoid this, but the Liberals just turned them down. That’s a real mistake.”


Posted: 5 years, 2 months ago by Cambrian #87
Unfortunately for the OLP and the PC’s as well they may find themselves pitted against school boards, parents and teachers unions who may become allies as we try to repeal Bill 115 and restore the democratic rights that we should have as Canadians in our own communities.

Bill 115, which places the Minister of Education above the Supreme Court of Canada, represents a dictatorship, not a democracy.
Posted: 5 years, 2 months ago by Chameleon #86
Bill 115 has a ‘secret’ agenda that has not been spun out in the media. Remember ORNGE and the musical gas plants fiascos? These are Liberal ‘secrets’ about misspent taxpayer money that the public may never learn about. Can we really believe anything that this OLP government tells us especially when it has prorogued itself for an as yet indefinite time just so that they can avoid answering the very hard questions about why we are actually so far in debt and to forestall an election?

The media has been spoon fed the propaganda has been given to them through the mouth piece of OLP Education Minister Laurel Broten and which is supported by the PC’s. The media spin has focused on the issues that are sure to upset the public such as salaries, sick days, union membership and the controversial Full Day Kindergarten. The FDK does eliminate individual household daycare costs, but when there is actually no ‘real’ money to fund it, can Ontario really afford it. So where is this money coming from?

Where have we seen anywhere in the main stream media what the implications are going to be for parents’ educational choices that have usually been locally made by School Boards, School Councils and the elected local School Board Trustees? This government’s mandate is to destroy that local framework and impose a new top heavy provincial control on education. If parents knew about this, how would that make them feel?
Posted: 5 years, 2 months ago by YinYang #85
In all the controversy about Bill 115, the public has been really fixated on the teachers’ wage freeze. This has been the rallying point for the teacher bashing that has been going on in the comment postings of news articles. The point of the OSSTF radio ads is to inform parents that education workers had offered to accept the wage freeze - that we were willing to do our part. But, parents are probably not informed that the OLP has an agenda through Bill 115 to take the authority away from local school boards/parents and to rule the education system from Toronto, rather than having input from local communities.

I am a parent as well as a teacher and this makes me furious. This is NOT what democracy looks like.

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